Composition Enzalutamide 40 mg
Indication prostate cancer
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INZULIA 40 mg is hormonal therapeutic drug for treating advanced-stage prostate carcinoma

 Prostate cancer is taking place within the prostate gland due to the abnormal growth & division of the cells.  The prostate is a small gland present in males responsible for the production of semen fluid. There is an estimate that in the 27 European Union Nations, around 23% of the new carcinoma cases are of the prostate in males. And this is accounting for approximately 9% of the cancerous deaths of men.  There is an early and localized prostate carcinoma stage. This pertains to the abnormal growth of the cells within the prostate region only.

Looking at the advanced stage, there are two distinct categories of carcinoma in the prostate:

  • Locally advanced stage

In this stage, the growth of the cells spreads to the external region like the adjoining areas or glands which are lying closer to the prostate.

  • Metastatic prostate carcinoma

This stage takes place when the prostate cancerous cells spread to various distant regions of the body.

The doctors work in closer association with the patient for developing a tailored treatment plan. Some of the treatment options for prostate carcinoma include radiation therapy, surgical procedure, chemotherapy, or targeted hormonal treatment.

One hormonal therapeutic drug which is utilized for the treatment of prostate cancer as growth that has spread to other regions of the body is Inzulia 40 Mg.

Description about INZULIA 40

The INZULIA 40 belongs to the category of androgen receptor inhibiting substance meant for the curing of patients with prostate cancer growth, especially the ones who have already been treated with docetaxel. INZULIA 40mg is anti-cancer drug that has got its approval from the FDA, US for the hormonal therapy of castration-sensitive prostate cancerous growth. The chief substance, Enzalutamide which is present in the Inzulia 40 Mg has already demonstrated significant results while at the same time clinically meaningful improvements in the condition of the patient with prostate cancer, improving the survival rates. The INZULIA 40 has already been proven for curing cases of prostate carcinoma where the patient’s body no longer responds to hormonal therapy.

Composition of INZULIA 40

The main active substance which is existing in Inzulia 40 Mg is Enzalutamide, leading to the prolonging of the survival rate of males who are having castration-resistant carcinoma in the prostate after the chemotherapy is being administered.

Uses of INZULIA 40mg

The Inzulia 40 Mg is utilized as a hormonal therapy for the cure of advanced-stage prostate cancerous growth. It comprises of the FDA-approved compound, Enzalutamide for providing treatment options to males, in which cancerous growth could not be controlled through the administration of other types of hormonal therapy. So, this medication is found to improve outcomes in many of the patients  where the chemotherapy does not produce a desirable effect

How it works?

The growth of the cancerous cells within the prostate takes place with the help of the sex hormone in male testosterone. This Inzulia 40 Mg is acting by carrying out the blockage as well as inhibiting the production of the hormone. This retards the growth of the cancerous cells within the body.

How to take this prostate cancer medication?

The INZULIA 40 is available in tablet form and needs to be taken once in the whole day. The usual dosage of the medication is twice in a day. The patient needs to swallow the anti-prostate cancer pills with a plain glass of water and an empty stomach. You can consume the medication one hour prior to the intake of a meal or two hours after that.

Dosage of INZULIA 40

The administration of the dosage of Enzalutamide is distinctive in every patient according to their condition and other factors. Make sure to follow the orders of the doctor and all the directions listed on the product label. The doctor decides upon the concentration and frequency of dosage. Also, the factors like what will be the time in between the dosages and also its duration.

Missed dosage

In case of missing the dosage, just consume it if possible. But if the time is already more than 12 hours, don’t take the double dosage and continue the regular treatment schedule.

What happens in case I overdose Enzalutamide?

Upon overdosing on Enzalutamide, seek emergency medical care and support.

Strengths of INZULIA

The strengths of the medicine dosage are:

  • INZULIA 40 mg
  • INZULIA 80 mg

Side effects of INZULIA 40

Make sure not to take the medication and seek the emergency healthcare service in case you demonstrate signs of allergic reactivity towards Inzulia 40 Mg. Also, stop using this medication and take the doctor’s help immediately if you experience:

  • Dizziness
  • Sensation of spinning
  • Seizure
  • Weakness
  • Consciousness loss
  • Pink or red color urine
  • Pain in chest
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headache
  • Blurring of vision
  • Pounding sensation in ears/neck
  • Anxiety
  • Nose bleeding
  • Fever
  • Yellow/ green mucus

These are some common adversities. If you experience any other problems or discomfort, seek emergency healthcare fast!

Drug interactions

There is a possibility that certain medications counter-interact with Inzulia 40 Mg. So make sure not to take the below-mentioned drugs while you are on treatment for prostate cancer with this drug:

  • artemether
  • HIV drugs
  • Hepatitis medications
  • Medications for fungal infections
  • Seizure drugs
  • phenytoin
  • clopidogrel
  • cyclosporine
  • rifampin
  • rifapentine
  • John’s Wort
  • sirolimus
  • tacrolimus
  • warfarin

This is not an all-inclusive list of the drugs that can produce possible interactions.

Make sure to provide the list of all drugs, herbal remedies, or supplements you are taking.

Also don’t take alcohol, grapefruit juice/ wine, indulge in smoking or narcotics

Where to keep INZULIA 40 mg drug bottle?

You should keep Inzulia 40 Mg out of the reach of your children and pets. The appropriate storage temperature is 20-25 degree Celsius and provided protection against moisture as well as heat. Keep the bottle lid tightly closed. Discard unused as well as expired medications.

Drug Warning & Precautionary Measures

  • Although rarely, INZULIA 40 mg may lead to seizures. Make sure to communicate about your condition for example trauma, stroke, or consumption of other medications that increase the level of the risks of seizures.
  • The medication may lead to swelling along with the narrowing of the brain blood vessels. Seek emergency medical help straight away if you have nausea, headache, the sensation of fluttering, behavioral changes, vision abnormalities
  • Enzalutamide elevates the falls as well as the fracture hazards. So, the doctor will be monitoring the patient’s condition in case they are at an elevated risk of fractures as well as falls for prescribing the appropriate drugs to strengthen bones
  • Also, make sure that your partner does not become pregnant while you are under the treatment and even after the suggested duration. Adopt the most appropriate birth control steps even after 12 months of the intake of the last dosage
  • Make sure not to have any immunization/ vaccination on your own without the permission of the physician

 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • Is administration of INZULIA 40 mg a chemotherapy procedure?

No, INZULIA 40 mg is not based on the chemotherapy process. Instead of that, it is a type of hormonal therapy (androgen receptor inhibition). It carries out the blockage of testosterone which is required by the carcinoma cells in the prostate for growth as well as spread.

  • I am experiencing hot flashes after taking Enzalutamide? What should I do?

In case of hot flashes, wear light summer clothes and take rest in a cool environment. However, if the situation becomes worse or intolerable, immediately contact healthcare provider