Composition Daclatasvir 60mg
Indication Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, chronic myeloid leukemia, Philadelphia chromosome
Packaging 28 Tablets
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DACISURE 60 is potent remedy for treating chronic hepatitis C viral infection in organ liver

Hepatitis C is a liver disorder leading to its inflammation. It takes place due to the bloodborne, hepatitis C virus which can result in a severe to mild illness changing from liver cirrhosis as well as organ cancer. Every year around 58 million people globally suffer from this virus infection. And approximately 1.5 cases of infections are reported every year. At the same time, it is affecting more than 3 million of children as well as adolescents. This contagious disease of the liver is causing cirrhosis, cancer in an organ, or can lead to complete liver failure.

It is taking place by invading the liver cells by the Hepatitis C virus, resulting in swelling, and malfunctioning, and may eventually cause complete organ damage. In fact, it is the most commonly occurring bloodborne viral infection which is taking place in America alone, affecting as high as 2.4 million people in the country. One potent and extremely effective antiviral agent, which is directly acting known as DACISURE 60 is utilized for the remediation of the chronic hepatitis C viral infection in the liver.

Description about DACISURE 60

This medication is acting as an antiviral agent and is utilized for the treatment of HCV(hepatitis C virus). The chief component of Daclatasvir the drug is utilized as a remediation for the genotype 1 as well as 3 infections of the chronic hepatitis C virus.

So this medication is administered in combination with other drugs for treating patients who have been suffering from the chronic Hepatitis C virus. However, it has been applicable for the remediation of only some specific types of genotypes present in Hepatitis C and only for certain categories of patients. So, the drug is administered along with other antiviral products and it must not be used alone. However, this medication is available to be sold only if the doctor prescribes it.

Component of Daclatasvir

The main component which is present in this medication is Daclatasvir in the concentration of 60 mg.

Uses of Daclatasvir

The DACISURE 60 is meant along with the sofosbuvir & other remediations for the treatment of the chronic infectious Hepatitis C condition.

This drug is belonging to the anti-viral category. So, it is utilized for the treatment of the chronic viral infection hepatitis C occurring in the liver organ. When it is administered with other drugs then it leads to a reduction in the level of Hepatitis C virus. It is strengthening the immune system of the body for fighting against the infection and helps in the recovery of the liver.

How to use DACISURE 60 tablet?

The medication is taken orally and it can be swallowed either with or without your meal. Make sure to take it as directed by your doctor and physician. Usually, one tablet is taken in a day with water.

The dosage of Daclatasvir 60mg is taken as per directed by the physician. The doctor will be deciding upon the exact dosage based on the medical condition of the patient, responsiveness towards treatment, and also upon all other drugs they are taking.

Side effects of taking DACISURE 60

Look for emergency medical assistance if you experience any kind of undesirable effects that are listed below:

  • Allergic reactivity for example hives, breathing abnormality, facial swelling,
  • Reduction in RBCs(anaemia)
  • Liver problems
  • Reduction in heartbeat
  • Pain in chest
  • Breathe shortness
  • Confusion
  • Memory issues
  • Weakness
  • Tiredness
  • Feeling of light headiness

This is not an all-comprehensive list. There can also be some other adverse impacts. So talk to your doctor for the most appropriate medical assistance on undesirable effects.

What to do if I missed DACISURE 60?

Make sure to talk to the doctor in case you have missed your dosage. Please get your prescription filled out before you think that you are running out of medicine stock.

What happens in case I overdosed DACISURE 60?

Take steps to contact the emergency healthcare provider

Drug interactions

Certain drugs cannot be used in combination with Daclatasvir. If two different drugs are taken then this can result in an interaction. Here are some of the medications that are not at all recommended while taking with Dacisure 60

  • Carbamazepine
  • Enzalutamide
  • Fosphenytoin
  • Mitotane
  • Phenytoin
  • Rifampin
  • St John’s Wort

Warning & Precautionary measures

  • While deciding upon starting treatment with DACISURE 60, all the associated risks must be taken into consideration. Then, the ultimate decision is taken by you and your physician. There are some of important considerations while taking this anti-virus drug
  • Communicate doctor in case you are suffering from unusual symptoms or allergic reactivity to this medication or any other one.
  • Make sure to inform the doctor in case you have some cardiac disorder, liver or kidney disease
  • Don’t use this medication while you are pregnant. As this can lead to the birth defect in the Unborn child.
  • Make sure to communicate in case you have diabetes
  • Or you have already undergone liver transplant
  • In case you are consuming medication amiodarone meant for cardiac rhythm
  • If you are already upon treatment with the blood thinning medications
  • The males and females should adopt the birth control measures while they are being treated with Daclatasvir. as this medication tends to cause defects in children or even miscarriages

Storage conditions for DACISURE 60

Make sure to keep the medication in a tightly closed container, while at the same time keeping it out of the reach of your pets and children. Also, make sure to store it in a place that is away from excessive heat as well as humidity

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • Can DACISURE 60 be taken during pregnancy & breastfeeding?

Make sure to communicate with the doctor if you are planning pregnancy or pregnant as this medication may harm the unborn child. Although there has been evidence supporting that Daclatasvir 60mg passes to the breast milk, but make sure to consult your doctor before starting your treatment.

  • From where to buy DACISURE 60?

You can buy the DACISURE 60 directly from the most trusted online medicines supplier for both generic as well as branded drugs. The team the pharmacist employed in the online pharmacy provides you with the right advice and guidance and you can also consult the doctor online for all your questions and concerns. The rapid customer support system makes the availability of affordable and genuine products fast at your place.