Composition Lenalidomide 5mg
Indication AL amyloidosis, Mantle cell lymphoma, Multiple myeloma, Myelodysplastic syndromes
Packaging 30 Capsule
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LENALSURE 5 mg    

LENALSURE 5 mg is a breakthrough medication for curing distinctive blood carcinomas

Leukemia is a broader term that refers to blood cell carcinoma. Multiple myeloma is the malignancy of the plasma cells. In this form of blood cancer, there occurs the abnormal growth of the plasma cells within the bone marrow, resulting in low blood counts. Mantle cell lymphoma is a rare type of leukemia which is taking place in the outer region of the small lymphocytes region, & it is surrounding the lymphatic nodule central region.

The myelodysplastic syndrome is also termed as myelodysplasia takes place when the stem cells in the blood don’t get transformed into healthy blood cells. This condition is rare and serious resulting in the patient becoming anemic, causing frequent infections as well as the bleeding that ceases to stop.

AL amyloidosis is the most prevalent blood carcinoma with around 4500 of cases each and every year in the United States alone. Out of that approximately, 2/3rd of the patients are males. This serious condition is caused owing to immunoglobin light chain protein accumulation. The goal of the treatment of blood cancer cases is actually put this disorder into remission, while at the same time curing the patients.

Some of the treatment procedures that are indicated for the treatment of blood carcinoma are:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • CART cell therapy (Chimeric Antigen Receptor)
  • Stem cell transplant
  • Targeted therapeutic process

LENALSURE 5 mg is potent drug therapy that is utilized for the treatment of multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndromes

Description about LENALSURE 5 mg          

The  LENALSURE 5 mg is meant for the cure of several forms of blood cancers. Lenalidomide is meant for treating multiple myeloma, a cancer of bone marrow. This can either be through the administration of the medication or when a stem cell transplant is done. Also, it is utilized for the treatment of anemia in all those people who are demonstrating the symptoms of myelodysplastic syndromes(MDS).

At the same time, this medication is also utilized for the cure of mantle cell lymphoma. This drug is a targeted immunotherapeutic product which is working by improving the capability of the immune system of a patient for attacking cancerous cells. Ideally, it is administered in the form of oral capsules and it can be taken with a steroid for example, dexamethasone or other forms of cancerous medications like chemotherapy or even targeted therapeutic remediations.

Composition of LENALSURE 5 mg

The main actionable component present in Lenalsure 5 Mg is Lenalidomide.


The Lenalsure 5 Mg is meant for the treatment of the cluster of blood cancers that include Multiple Myeloma & mantle cell lymphoma. It is also used for the remediation of MDS( myelodysplastic syndrome) & also marginal zone lymphoma.

How LENALSURE 5 mg is acting?

  • Lenalsure 5 Mg is carrying out the blocking of the new blood cell creation that is required by the cancerous cells for growth as well as the spread( angiogenesis inhibiting substance).
  • Arresting the cancerous cells’ growth(growth-inhibiting substance)
  • Strengthening the immune system for attracting as well as destroying cancerous cells(modulation of the immune system)

How Lenalidomide 5mg is administered?

The Lenalidomide 5 mg is available in capsule form in varying degrees of the strength. The doctor will be communicating when and how many capsules need to be taken. Usually, it is administered once in a day for around 21 days. However, it is the medical team that will design a tailored treatment plan with this medication for the patient.

What to do if I forget to take LENALSURE 5 mg?

If you forget to consume Lenalsure 5 Mg make sure to take it whenever you realize. If the duration is less than 12 hours, until there is a time for the next dosage, then you can take the missed drug. But, it is not permissible to take double dosage.

What to do if somehow, I overdosed LENALSURE 5 mg?

Always ensure to seek emergency healthcare attention at the nearby hospital facility

Side effects of taking LENALSURE 5 mg

The LENALSURE 5 mg may lead to some of undesirable adverse impacts. Talk to your physician if you observe symptoms listed below:

  • Allergic reactivity
  • Severe skin infection
  • Stroke
  • Blood clotting
  • Symptoms of cardiac arrest
  • Liver issues
  • Reduction in blood cell count
  • Tumor becoming worse
  • Nose bleeding
  • Muscular cramps
  • Pain in joint
  • Breathe shortness
  • Fiver, cough, or tiredness
  • Itching or rashing
  • Pain in stomach
  • Swelling
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation

Drug Interactions

Some medications may be interactive with this anti-cancerous pill.

  • Digoxin
  • Warfarin
  • Erythropoietin
  • Contraceptives

Who should not take LENALSURE 5 mg?

  • Make sure not to take Lenalidomide in case:
  • You are pregnant or planning to become so
  • Allergic to the Lenalidomide or any other component present in LENALSURE
  • You have liver or kidney syndrome
  • Suffering from thyroid issues
  • Having some of the serious skin rashes
  • In case you are a breastfeeding mother then don’t take LENALSURE 5 mg.. The reason is that Lenalidomide passes through the breast milk and is harmful to the child
  • Also inform the doctor about all medications that you are already having which is including prescription, non-prescription, and also herbal supplements.
  • Make sure not to donate blood while you are on treatment with this medication and even for a minimum of 4 weeks once you finish your last dosage
  • This medication also reduces the blood cells count within body. So, there may be a tendency that there can be bleeding or getting infections. Washing the hands is crucial quite often. Also don’t indulge in situations where you are prone to cutting, bruising, or getting injured
  • The medication may also lead to tumor flare reactivity. Communicate doctor in case you have swollen, painful lymph nodes, mild fever, pain, or even rashes

Storage conditions

The storage of the LENALSURE 5 is required to be done appropriately at room temperature. Keep the medicinal bottle in an environment that is dry, non-humid & away from the light.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What to do if Lenalidomide is making me feel tired?

There may be the possibility that the patient feels tiredness and weakness while being treated with LENALSURE 5 mg. In case, you are experiencing such symptoms, and it is making it hard for you to go about your daily routine then you should talk to your healthcare provider. They may recommend you some support therapy during your course of treatment with this medication.

  • What should I communicate my doctor before starting treatment with LENALSURE 5 mg?

Inform the physician about your current and past medical condition and also all the medications that you are taking. Also, inform your physician if you are pregnant or on the way to conceiving or if you are a lactating mother