Composition Ribavirin 200 mg
Indication acute myeloid leukemia, hepatitis C, HIV
Packaging 140 Capsule
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Ribavirin 200 mg

Leukemia pertains to blood or bone marrow carcinoma which is responsible for the production of the blood cells. This serious disorder takes place due to abnormality in the production of blood cells, impacting either the leucocytes or WBCs(white blood cells). Many types of blood carcinoma are probably affecting people above the age group of 65 years. It can take a chronic form, which is becoming worse with time. Or in other instance, this disease is chronic, develops, and become worse rapidly.

Acute myeloid leukemia,(AML) is a rare form of carcinoma which is impacting the bone marrow as well as the blood cells. In case it is left untreated, it threatens the patient’s life. Hepatitis C is an infection taking place in the liver organ, caused by the HCV(hepatitis C virus). The spread of this infection takes place through the sharing of needles or any other medicinal tools used for the preparation or injection of medicines.

AIDS, with full-form acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is acting as a chronic as well as a potentially life-threatening disorder, taking place due to a virus by the name of HIV. Although, there is no permanent cure for this infection but still there are medications for controlling the disorder and preventing its progression with time.

The RIBASON 200 is utilized worldwide in combination with other antiviral agents for the treatment of chronic, long-lasting hepatitis C or viral infection of the liver organ. It is due to the reason that when the individual is suffering from a chronic hepatitis C infection, then it may lead to some serious syndrome of the liver like cirrhosis, or liver cancer or may result in the permanent failure of the organ.

Description about RIBASON 200

The Ribason 200 is acting as the antiviral agent, with the capability of inhibiting the synthesis of viral DNA as well as RNA. This medication has Ribavirin 200 mg which is utilized for the therapeutic procedure of chronic hepatitis C, in which the virus is leading to the inflammation of the liver. It is demonstrating the inhibitory effect against RNA as well as DNA viruses. The medication is indicated for the treatment of Hepatitis C, viral hemorrhagic fevers and there can also be its usage off label under the condition of  Respiratory Syncytial Virus( RSV).

This medication is interfering with the synthesis or activity of the viral DNA as well as RNA. This genetic material is thought to play a critical role in the growth and multiplication of viruses. The RIBASON 200, is a generic drug with its chief component Ribavirin 200 mg(already approved by the FDA, Food & Drug Administration of United States).

What is composition of RIBASON 200?

The main component which is showing its effect in this drug is Ribavirin in 200 mg concentration.

Uses of RIBASON 200

The RIBASON 200 is belonging to the drug category, of antiviral agents, meant for the therapeutic procedure of chronic infection due to the Hepatitis C virus. This medication is utilized in combination with the other drugs for arresting the growth of the virus and helping in the reduction of the count of the virus Hepatitis C within the patient’s body.

How this medication is acting?

The Ribavirin 200 mg is actually working as an antiviral agent, demonstrating the inhibitory effect both on the RNA and DNA, the genetic material of the virus. This is very important for the survival growth and multiplication of the virus. So, by arresting the action of the genetic material, it is retarding  the growth of the virus and reducing its count within the patient’s body.

How to take RIBASON 200?

The patient needs to ensure that he or she is taking the medication strictly according to the prescription and instructions of their healthcare provider. They will tell you the dosage and also when you are required to consume the same. Before you start your therapy with Ribason 200 and also every time you are getting a refill, there will be a printed leaflet coming with the product. So read all the instructions carefully before using medication.

Side effects of taking RIBASON 200

Here are some of the common adversaries of consuming RIBASON 200 which are mentioned below:

  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Shakiness with fever
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite loss
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dryness in mouth
  • Vision problems
  • Infections

If these or any of the side effects subside for longer than a few hours are days, then immediately communicate with your healthcare provider.

Drug dosage & strengths

This medication is available in the oral tablet formulation. Here are the strengths in which RIBASON is available:

  • RIBASON 200mg
  • RIBASON 400 mg
  • RIBASON 600 mg

The possible dosage is depending upon many of the factors like:

  • Age of patient
  • Conditions for which patient is treated
  • Severity of condition
  • Medical history and existing problems
  • Reactivity of body to first dosage

What to do if you missed RIBASON 200 mg dosage?

If you miss the dosage, don’t attempt to catch up if it is the next day. Never consume the double dosage. If you have any queries or questions, ask your doctor.

What to do if there is overdosing of RIBASON 200 mg?

Overdosing can lead to dangerous consequences. There can be the elevation of the kidney issues risks, bleeding or cardiac arrest. Call the emergency healthcare service immediately if you think you have overdosed on the medication.

Drug Interactions

  • HAbacavir
  • Azathioprine
  • Mercaptopurine
  • Methotrexate
  • Stavudine
  • Warfarin
  • Zalcitabine
  • Zidovudine

Precautionary Measures & General Warning

  • Communicate with your physician in case you have allergy reactivity to components present in RIBASON 200
  • Inform the physician in case you are consuming didanosine. The doctor may not be prescribing the RIBASON 200 along with this medication
  • Inform physician if you have renal issues, liver failure, or suffer from autoimmune hepatitis
  • Also, communicate physician if you are drinking alcohol or indulging in drug abuse
  • Don’t take this medication if you are pregnant or breastfeeding a mother
  • This medication may make the patient unconscious, drowsy, confusion, dizziness. Make sure not to drive any vehicle or indulge in heavy machinery till the time you observe the exact effect of the medication
  • Make sure not to consume alcoholic beverages while you are being treated with this pill. As this will make the condition of your liver worse

What should i know concerning the storage of RIBASON?

The storage of medication is to be done in a tightly closed container, while out of the reach of your children as well as pets.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • Is it safe to take RIBASON 200?

Yes, it is safe to consume this medication as per the prescription and advice of a physician. So, make sure to take it exactly as being directed by a doctor and never try to skip or overdose the medication.

  • What are possible food interactions while taking RIBASON 200 mg?

Avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages as this may lead to the worsening of infection. Avoid taking tablet with high-fatty meals as it will reduce the rate of absorption of medicinal components.